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Mi Familia Vota joins with Latino organizations in San Juan to activate Puerto Rican vote on the mainland

A six-hour phone bank conducted by Mi Familia Vota and Latino leaders aims to urge Puerto Ricans living in mainland to register to vote ahead of the midterm elections


Mi Familia Vota partners with NPNA and others to FOIA U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service for reason behind skyrocketing naturalization backlog

It is time for the Trump administration to take action on applications and create a climate that is welcoming to new citizens. Becoming a citizen comes with new rights, such as the right to vote, that are being denied as long as they are being delayed.


It’s time for Trump to stop attacking Dreamers

The judge’s ruling confirmed what we all have known since last year, when the Trump administration arbitrarily tried to end the DACA program: Trump’s action was unjustified.

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