Maria Nieto Orta

Nevada State Coordinator

Maria Nieto Orta was born in El Estado de Mexico, Mexico. She has been living in Las Vegas, Nevada since she was 1 1/2 years old. Maria has been with Mi Familia Vota continuously since December of 2018, in which she has done work around voter registration, citizenship and immigration efforts. She is also a student at College of Southern Nevada where she is studying Political Science, getting her Associates- with hopes of transferring to get her Bachelors in the foreseeable future. While she will always prioritize her education, she also knows the best knowledge comes from experiences.

Maria’s parents have always told her “la lucha sigue, echale ganas”, or in English: “the fight continues, keep going.” As a queer undocumented immigrant, Maria has learned what it means to always fight for human rights, but she does not let her barriers stop her and instead uses them to empower her. She has the privilege to have some safety under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals- known as DACA; but she knows DACA is not the end of the fight. Getting to organize while empowering folks who are undocumented and immigrants is the main reason why Maria organizes and will continue to do so. “La lucha sigue” until we all have justice, equity, and liberation.