Josefa Vega

Fresno Regional Coordinator

Josefa Vega is the Fresno Regional Coordinator. She was born in Stockton to an immigrant father from Zapotiltic, Jalisco. She says her father named her after Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, who was a prominent figure during the Mexican independence. Her family moved to Fresno to support my maternal grandmother in 1997 and she has remained there since. Growing up in Fresno exposed her to the diversity of the immigrant population. She’s grown familiar with the different pockets of diversity – from the Latinx community to the prominent Southeast Asian population.

Her father’s experience with employers opened her eyes to the mistreatment and exploitation of undocumented immigrants. This awareness coupled with politicization during my teens acted as the catalyst for becoming involved with nonprofit organizations.

The local campaigns that Mi Familia Vota championed in the Fresno area were particularly influential in her decision to become involved with the organization.What inspires her the most is her community. She wants those that feel ostracized to feel supported and ultimately represented.

In addition to organizing, she also enjoys attending concerts and playing music.