Jocelyn Sida

Development Associate

Jocelyn Sida is the Development Associate for Mi Familia Vota. She is originally from El Monte, California. She graduated with her BA in Political Science and International Relations and has focused on Immigration Advocacy for the past decade. Jocelyn participated in her campus radio as she hosted the only Spanish radio show in northern Wisconsin. Her passion for civic engagement developed as she became the only Latina to be a part of the Rock the Vote project Rock the Trail in 2008. Since then, Jocelyn has worked around the country in numerous campaigns.

Representation of Latinos in politics is an issue Jocelyn is passionate about. She ran for school board in Fontana, California, coming in 4th out of 11 candidates. From Hawaii to New York, Miami to Chicago, and Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Jocelyn has worked in the Latino community to engage and organize the community in areas of technology, politics, health care, gender equality, reproductive rights issues, and immigration. Jocelyn has performed stand up comedy all over the country because she is sure that if you can still laugh during the hardest times of your life, you can overcome anything this world throws at you. She also loves hot wings. She currently lives in Washington, DC.