Anakarina Rodriguez

Tucson Coordinator


Anakarina Rodriguez serves as the Tucson coordinator of Mi Familia Vota and has been involved with the organization’s advocacy work since 2013. Anakarina graduated from Arizona State University School of Social Work with a BA in May of 2016. She has also worked and managed a campaign for Arizona Legislative District 10 slate.

Currently, she is also the Co-Chair of the Arizona César E. Chávez Holiday Coalition and is honored to be the first Latina co-chair recognizing the women in the farmworker movement. Anakarina helped co-found Latinos for Parks during her senior year at ASU School of Social Work where she also helped organize a trip to the Grand Canyon to advocate for a Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument. She has demonstrated a history of taking on strong leadership roles, especially at Mi Familia Vota by volunteering throughout her college career. As a volunteer with Mi Familia Vota, she registered hundreds of community members to vote all throughout Southern Arizona including Tucson, Nogales, Benson, Wilcox, Casa Grande, Phoenix and Douglas. Anakarina’s other management positions in the past include working as council Aide to City of Tucson Council member, Regina Romero and as a board member of Las Adelitas Arizona.

It has always been her Kryptonite to establish and engage new leaders and help people get the better jobs they deserve because of their incredible gift that they bring into this world. Her ultimate goal in life is to bring leaders out of the shadows and help them to utilize their voice and not let others silence them. Anakarina considers it her service to God to service others and find out ways to bring the most vulnerable and oppressed out of the shadows and into the spotlight where everyone can hear their frustrations. She believes in using frustrations and anger and turning them into something proactive and productive.