Press Releases & Statements

MFV Commits to Climate Change fight on Earth Day

On Earth Day, Mi Familia Vota (MFV) will be engaging the Latino community in efforts to promote environmental activism and combat climate change. Each of the six states where MFV has ground operations has a unique set of environmental challenges impacting the health and well-being of Latino communities.

MFV Calls on Congress to address rulings against citizenship question

District Judge George Hazel’s ruling is a step towards ensuring a fair and inclusive count that will be used to determine our funding and political representation. As the Supreme Court prepares to review the citizenship question, we will continue our work to spur Congress to block the citizenship question from being added.

MFV Celebrates Harris County, Texas Program to make voting more accessible

We commend Harris County Clerk Trautman for leading this process and making the Countywide Polling Place Program available within two months of her taking office. This is an important step to strengthening our democracy in Harris County and we will be working to ensure that the right to vote is facilitated for all Texans.

Wheeler’s Confirmation to Head EPA Hurts the Latino Community

Our country needs an EPA administrator who will fulfil the mission of the EPA- Andrew Wheeler has already demonstrated that he will prioritize industry and short term profits over our wellbeing and long-term, environmentally sustainable economic opportunities, while putting at risk our health and the health of our families.

Federal Court Stops 13 Texas Counties from Purging Immigrant Voters

The ruling made clear that immigrant U.S. citizens were “unfairly burdened” by Secretary Whitley and that his discriminatory actions created a mess that jeopardizes the integrity of our election process. Secretary Whitley’s claim that tens of thousands of voters were “illegal voters” was an attack on immigrants and Latinos, which was gleefully endorsed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and President Trump at the expense of our community.