Press Releases & Statements

MFV Responds To Challenge Of Civic Engagement In Face Of CoronaVirus

Mi Familia Vota is addressing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on-field operations including 2020 Census, voter registration, voter education,  GOTV, and citizenship. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the safety of our field organizers and staff comes first. We fully acknowledge that this outbreak will have a large impact on our field operations.

The 2020 Census Goes Live Online Today

Mi Familia Vota is moving forward with our vision for 2020, we are empowering civic participation in our elections; we are educating and fighting for full participation in the Census. We are working to ensure that the Latino community is properly counted and adequately represented.

Mi Familia Vota Asks Senator Warren Questions About Latinos Not Asked At Dem Debate

Mi Familia Vota was disappointed when issues like Puerto Rico, Latino representation, and comprehensive immigration reform were barely mentioned during last night's Democratic debate -- in a state where the Latino vote is decisive. In our town hall conversation with Senator Elizabeth Warren, we heard specific commitments missing in the Debate.

MFV & NHLC To Host Get Out The Caucus Town Hall And Candidate Forum

Mi Familia Vota and the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus are proud to bring business owners, the Latin community, the youth and undecided voters together for a mock caucus training in Spanish ahead of the 2020 Nevada Primary. For the first time ever legislators and Mi Familia Vota are hosting a town hall to provide candidates the opportunity to address the Latino community in Las Vegas ahead of our Nevada Caucus Primary on February 22nd. 

We Confront Mayor Pete on Latino Priorities and Lack of Diversity On Campaign 

Today Mi Familia Vota releases the next conversation in our Prioridades2020 ( 2020 Priorities ) accountability campaign, where we discuss Latino Priorities with 2020 Presidential Candidates.  During our interview with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, we heard specific commitments and some disagreements. We had a particularly tough conversation about the diversity of his campaign and his police department.

Mi Familia Vota To Host A Community Event With VP Joe Biden

Mi Familia Vota is excited to announce the latest in our Prioridades 2020 (Priorities 2020) accountability campaign events with Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. With this campaign, we are holding all the presidential candidates accountable, and we are excited to host Vice President Biden at this community event to discuss and have clarity about the priorities of our communities.

Mi Familia Vota Launches A New Accountability Campaign To Engage Presidential Candidates On Latino Priorities

Today, Mi Familia Vota launches a new national campaign challenging presidential candidates seeking the Latino vote to outline their policy priorities related to Latino issues. As part of Prioridades 2020 (Priorities 2020), MFV will interview the presidential candidates on their policy platforms, and explore how they will ensure they include the voices and needs of the nation’s largest minority population and economic force, Latinos.