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Puerto Ricans are not second-class citizens.

Follows in English En nombre de Mi Familia Vota, nuestra directora estatal de Florida, Nancy Batista, condena el trato de los puertorriqueños como ciudadanos de segunda clase por el candidato republicano, John Ward. On behalf of Mi Familia Vota, our
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Preserve National Parks & Green Spaces

Green spaces are important to us because they allow us to spend quality family time together, relishing in each other’s company and teach our daughter about nature.

Latino Youth Demand Gun Reform + Dream Act

Hello I’m Marla, I’m participating in the March For Our Lives because I believe that students should never feel unsafe to go to school and that, specifically as a Latina, the voices of our youth should be a part of
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Health For All, Undocumented Too

Republican led Congress continues to take action to repeal or reduce the Affordable Care Act, a comprehensive health care reform law that has enabled more Americans to have access to preventive care as well as treatment for health maladies. We
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A Letter to My Students

  In solidarity with all students, fellow educators, and activists standing up for safe schools, I too have a message. Due to the lack of movement towards sensible gun regulation on the part of the American government, I find it
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I am marching because…

My name is Jordan. I am a junior at Mountain View High School and I am marching because people are dying. People my age, people who could be my brother, my friends – my mom could one day – I
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My Testimony Against the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan

Last week, I shared my testimony of living as an asthmatic in the central valley at the Environmental Protection Agency's hearing in San Francisco. The EPA is currently reviewing the repeal of the Clean Power Plan and I would like to share a part of my story with you: