Community Voices

World Wildlife Fund’s Lobby Day with Josefa Vega

This year members of Mi Familia Vota were invited to attend World Wildlife Fund’s annual lobby day. Our Fresno regional coordinator Josefa Vega attended and was joined by our committed Fresno volunteer Adaena Martinez.

World Wildlife Fund’s Lobby Day with Adaena Martinez

On March 10 th , 2020, I was fortunate to join Mi Familia Vota in their participation with World Wildlife Fund’s Lobby Day. Along with other members of Mi Familia Vota and volunteers. As a participant, I was able to meet with various Congressional members and State Senators that represent California.

Tearing Down Invisible Walls at the NIIC2019

Last week, Mi Familia Vota attended the nation’s largest immigration integration symposium, the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC), with over 1000 community leaders from across the country. There was so much symbolism in this city-- from the highway signs marking Flint a mere 50 miles away to the flags outside of the General Motors building at half staff in honor of the late Elijah Cummings.

Interview with DACA Recipient Sagar Patagundi

I arrived to the U.S at the age of 11 in 2002. I barely remember any memories of being in India. I just have blurry images that I can recall but all of it is like a dream at this point. I learned about my status when I was getting close to high school graduation. I realized that after my visas were overstayed I would be completely undocumented in the country.

Here is Home: Liz’s Undocu-Impact

Liz is proud of her immigrant story and has used her voice to bring strength to fellow undocumented youth and awareness of our immigration pitfalls to the Texas community. Texas is leading the fight against DACA, despite one of the states with the most DACA recipients. Liz is opening the door to her family’s undocumented immigrant experience.

Home Is Here – The Fight for Dreamers

Mi Familia Vota joined national, state, and local organizations throughout the United States to kick-off the "Home is Here" campaign, a national effort to defend DACA, urge DACA recipients to renew their work permits, and urge Congress to protect immigrant families.

Energía 100 por ciento limpia es 100 por ciento alcanzable

El cambio climático está sucediendo AHORA y está multiplicando desastres naturales como el que hoydestruye la selva Amazónica en Brasil, el pulmón de oxígeno del planeta. Este es el momento de pedirle a los líderes electos que AUMENTEN y apoyen una economía basada 100% en energía limpia.

Our family trip to Washington D.C.

How far would you go to protect your child’s future? As a young mother, I took my family to Washington, D.C. to join scores of parents and children for a “Play-In”, organized by Mom’s Clean Air Force (MCAF), demanding lawmakers solve our climate crisis. 

Houston Pledges to Participate in the 2020 Census!

Our Latino political power, funding, and representation are tied to the 2020 Census. Meet Juliet, Elena and Melissa, three Latina women in our communities making the pledge to participate in the 2020 Census and asking you to do the same!