Community Voices

Mi Familia Vota Nevada Latino Advocacy Day

Mi Familia Vote Nevada held its annual Latino Advocacy Day to push for legislation Assembly member Sandra Jauregui (AD41)that will improve, protect and advance the interests of the Latino community.

MFV’s Melissa Santos Speaks at Women’s March

MFV's Melissa Santo Speaks at the Women's March, "We made history on November 6, 2018. We did this by uniting, fighting, and winning! And to be honest, we did this by USING OUR VOICE. We took a step in the right direction but a woman’s work is never done. It is possible for women to triumph. If women win, we all win. This is why civic participation is so important."

Volunteering with the “Caravan of Love”

Last weekend, I volunteered to help out the charity group “Border Angels” to donate a day of my time – along with about 10 lb. of ground up coffee – to the refugees currently stranded in Tijuana, Mexico.

Elected officials represent us – tell them how to represent you

Don’t wait until the next election to review what your elected officials are doing: write to them, call them, contact them on social media, or attend town-hall meetings with them. Elected officials represent us, so it’s up to us to tell them how we want to be represented.