Youth leader, Vanessa Perez, testifies on behalf of Texas Dream Act at state capitol


This year we are seeing our youth take an active role in the future of this country. Our student leaders are evolving into advocates for a just and responsive government and they are inspiring us on the way!

On January 16, 2019, three Houston youth leaders visited the Texas state capitol in Austin to witness and participate in the state’s legislative process. The trio (Juan Venancio, Vanessa Perez, and Adam Touzani) began their trip from Houston at 5:45 AM and documented their experience through our MFV Instagram, tagging their Texas representatives during their IG Texas takeover.

Vanessa Perez, MFV civic leader from DeBakey High School, was among our youth leaders who visited the capitol. She gave the following speech during a press conference addressing in-state tuition for DACA recipient students:

“By repealing the Texas Dream Act, we would be discouraging youth from attending college simply because they cannot afford it. The proposal aims to cripple a community of driven individuals by limiting opportunity and enacting barriers instead of opening doors. Of course, these students will suffer the most from this repeal, but we would be doing a disservice to Texas as well.

Moreover, by excluding undocumented students from the benefits of in-state tuition we would be punishing an already marginalized community for a crime they did not commit. This has to be prevented from occurring, but now students are threatened, and Texas will be done a disservice. That’s why I ask all of y’all today to join me in making sure that our congress representatives are held responsible to upholding their duties and protecting the people of Texas.”

Texas state representatives present at the event publicly saluted the students for their young leadership. The legislative policies we adopt will impact their future; our youth are taking an active role advocating for a just and responsible government.