World Wildlife Fund’s Lobby Day with Adaena Martinez


On March 10 th , 2020, I was fortunate to join Mi Familia Vota in their participation with World Wildlife Fund’s Lobby Day. Along with other members of Mi Familia Vota and volunteers. As a participant, I was able to meet with various Congressional members and State Senators that represent California.

Lobby Day consisted of 7 meetings, which were 15 to 20 minutes long. Our team was made up of 7 Californians. Every team member was able to go in depth regarding their personal experiences with climate change, poaching, deforestation and conservation.

I was given the opportunity to directly address Congress member TJ Cox’s staff, as well as meet the member outside a committee hearing, and address Senator Dianne Feinstein’s staff regarding my concerns on climate change and its undeniable effects. I proudly voiced how climate change has directly impacted the Central Valley but most importantly how its impacting indigenous communities worldwide in similar if not worse ways.

Overall, our goal was to educate and inspire these officials to consider or continue supporting WWF, so they can continue their worldwide efforts. Each individual meeting was informational and inspiring, I thank Mi Familia Vota for allowing me to participate.


Adaena Martinez, Mi Familia Vota volunteer.