Trump Is A Threat To Our Democracy He Must Be Removed From Office


Trump Is A Threat To Our Democracy 

He Must Be Removed From Office

Washington D.C. – In light of the terrorist attacks at the U.S. Capitol instigated by President Trump we are relaunching our #BastaTrump campaign. As an organization that is focused on keeping democracy thriving by upholding Latino access to the vote, last week’s attack on the Capitol was an attack on our fundamental rights as Americans. 

It was nothing less than a concerted assault on our democracy and its symbols. Furthermore, it demonstrated a deep disrespect for the separation of powers that holds our government accountable to its people. As advocates who believe in a free and fair democracy, we have no choice but to call for the removal of Donald Trump by using the 25th Amendment. 

The relaunched #BastaTrump campaign will

  • Mobilize Latinos to remove President Trump from office. 
  • Protect our Democracy
  • Educate our community on how Trump is hurting our community.
  • Connect Trump’s seditious violence to the reign of terror he has committed against people of color for the last four years.
  • Unite our community in the defense of our democracy and people. 

We are also launching with a petition https://bit.ly/35llLTl calling for the President to be removed by invoking the 25th amendment.

Hector Sanchez Barba released the following statement: 

“Mi Familia Vota launched the #BastaTrump campaign in July of 2020 because we knew that Donald Trump was a threat to our Democracy. What happened at the capitol yesterday demonstrates that Trump continues to be a threat.  

We have fought for years to preserve and expand voting rights and safeguard our democracy from authoritarianism. That is why we launched the #BastaTrump campaign to combat the vicious attacks of the Trump administration. That is why we are re-launching #BastaTrump today and calling for the removal of Trump from office using the 25th amendment. 

What happened at the capitol yesterday is not new. During the Trump presidency, extremists have sought to weaken and subvert all of the progress Mi Familia Vota has made in fighting for a stronger democracy. We will not let Trump divide us, we are united with the majority of Americans against his treasonous actions and will continue to fight for our democracy. 

We thrive in a society where every group is protected and valued, where every voice and every vote matters. Yesterday’s attacks at our nation’s Capitol Building are an affront to these rights, and we strongly condemn the divisive, violent, and extremist propaganda machine that has convinced people they are losing their country. 

Over the last four years, President Donald Trump has stoked fears, inciting racialized violence in El Paso, from sparking a plan to kidnap a sitting governor by a militia in Michigan, and misled millions of people in our country into believing we are at war with each other. The riots yesterday are a direct result of his years of inciting violence. 

We have seen violence and attacks against Americans, including Brown and Black Americans, as a result of Trump’s words. We have seen a rise in hate crimes and an increase in attacks on our rights to vote, to speak out, and to protest peacefully. But we have overcome difficult times before. We persevere by getting together, supporting one another, and moving forward.”

Mi Familia Vota builds Latino political power as a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.