Trump Asks Congress for More Funds to Further Criminalize Immigrants



March 16, 2017



Anna Castro | | 619.228.5332

Trump Asks Congress for More Funds to Further Criminalize Immigrants

Request for immediate spending on border wall and other misplaced priorities accompanies Trump’s Budget Plan For Next Year

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The president’s spending priorities for the next year that were released Thursday radically advance his agenda to criminalize immigrants while cutting programs that harm the health, education, and well-being of Latino families across the nation.

The spending priorities were outlined in two parts: an ask to Congress to approve right away an extra $3 billion to start construction of the border wall, add more detention space and recruit more immigration deportation agents; and his proposed spending plan, which outlines his priorities for next year’s budget.

The following is a statement by Ben Monterroso, executive director of Mi Familia Vota:

“President Donald Trump’s budget proposal puts families in its crosshairs. U.S. citizen children of immigrants, taxpayers are being asked to invest in a deportation machine that threatens their own families. Trump’s punitive agenda, and this budget designed to accomplish it, is a steep departure from the values we hold dear of investing in our children, investing in our planet, and investing in smart justice.

“The president is asking Congress to waste billions of dollars to make a downpayment on a border wall that will not work, according to security experts and even the congressman from Texas who represents 800 miles of the border. He also wants to bring in 1,500 more deportation agents to continue his policy of separating families because they do not fit his ugly, ’America First’ political agenda.

“Just as ugly is how he will pay for his anti-immigrant plan. He would cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by almost one-third; an agency that directly impacts the health of Latinos by reducing air and water pollution and controls release of toxic chemicals. Latino communities are disproportionately affected by pollution and the consequences of climate change, with nearly 1 in 2 Latinos in the U.S. living in counties with high levels of ozone pollution, a key component of smog that exacerbates asthma and other respiratory diseases.

“Trump also wants to get rid of community services programs like the extremely important Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program that helps lower-income residents and the elderly. He would ramp up the school choice program, which creates unequal access to education and disadvantaged communities of color, and would help pay for it by wiping out before- and after-school and summer programs and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant for college students who desperately need financial aid.

“The list goes on and on. But it serves as a bold reminder that elections matter and we cannot stop organizing to block this kind of ugly politics. We will tell Congress to reject this budget and to put people first. Latinos will not be shoved into a lower class and we will fight for our freedom to lead healthy and productive lives.”