STATEMENT: Racist Arizona Ex-Sheriff Announces Senate Run


For Immediate Release:
Jan. 10, 2017
Contact: Denise Lopez | | (559) 393-3398

STATEMENT: Racist Arizona Ex-Sheriff Announces Senate Run

Alt-Right’s favorite xenophobe sees career opportunity during Trump’s toxic administration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, and Arizona State Director Eduardo Sainz, released the following statements in response to controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s recent U.S. Senate run announcement in Arizona:

“In yet another sign of the upcoming apocalypse, chronic racial profiler Joe Arpaio announced today he is running to replace retiring junior Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. A moderate pebble in President Trump’s already uncomfortable shoes, Flake represents Arizona along with senior Senator John McCain, who’s not a fan of the President either,” said Monterroso.

“An unapologetic radical right-winger, Arpaio embodies the perfect Trump ally with his dangerously ignorant views on domestic and foreign policy, best illustrated by his unconstitutional anti-immigration crusade that turned him into a poster boy for unrestrained flag-waving xenophobia,” Monterroso added.

During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio made international headlines for his unconventional approach to law enforcement, especially in the treatment of undocumented immigrants and of all Latinos in general.

“For all of this, in August 2017 Trump called Arpaio a ‘patriot’ and issued a presidential pardon after he was convicted for criminal contempt after failing to stop his unconstitutional law-enforcement ways,” said Sainz.

Although the current U.S. Congress is anything but a model in democratic virtues, allowing Arpaio to take a seat in Washington represents a new low in our already whacky political atmosphere. A dangerous one that will give this administration the votes required to pass legislation even more radical than the ones already crafted by Trump and company. If such thing is possible,” Sainz added.

“Arizonans refuse to take a step backward. We voted Arpaio out in 2016 and will absolutely not vote for him in the future.  Mi Familia Vota will work tirelessly to remind voters of his sick and destructive treatment of immigrants and ensure he is never elected to the U.S. Senate.”