STATEMENT: Mi Familia Vota on Congressional Failure to Protect DREAMers Before Holiday Recess


For Immediate Release

December 22, 2017

Contact: Denise Lopez,, 559-393-3398

STATEMENT: Mi Familia Vota on Congressional Failure to

Protect DREAMers Before Holiday Recess

We will not stop fighting until DREAMers and TPS holders are protected

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, released the following statement on the passage of an end-of-year spending bill that favors wealthy corporations and fails to include a fix for DACA recipients and TPS holders.

“While members of Congress leave town for the holidays to enjoy time with family and loved ones, thousands of DREAMers and TPS holders will be sitting through their holiday season with heavy hearts and heightened anxiety, counting the days until their possible deportation. Those members of Congress who chose to side with the wrong side of history have revealed to us once more where their true priorities lie. This is a travesty of justice we will not soon forget.

“Yesterday we witnessed who is indeed committed to working alongside us to keep immigrant families together, and who is committed to withholding progress.  While funding divisive anti-immigrant policies that heavily favor wealthy corporations and the rich, Congress failed to complete a much needed $81-billion emergency aid package to help California, the Gulf Coast states and Puerto Rico recover from a series of wildfires and hurricanes this year.

“But what we also saw yesterday, was a moving display of people from every corner of the country.  Many of them staging sleep-ins, placing hundreds of calls and numerous other grassroots actions, placing their own bodies on the line. Undeterred and committed to keeping up the fight until immigrant youth and their families are embraced by this country; no longer threatened with possible deportation to places they hardly know.

“This fight is far from over. I am proud of the work our Mi Familia Vota field teams and key partners, who powerfully carried out these critical actions in the last several months, fighting to defend the rights of our community.  We remain committed to keep up the heat on Congress when they return in the new year to protect DREAMers and push back the Republican corrosive anti-immigrant agenda.

We will take down those who are against us at the ballot box in 2018. We are not giving up. Humanity and dignity will win the DREAM Act in 2018!”