STATEMENT: Everything About the GOP Immigration and Border Security Bill Is Wrong


For Immediate Release
January 11, 2018
Contact: Denise Lopez,, 559-393-3398


STATEMENT: Everything about the GOP immigration and border security bill is wrong

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, released the following statement in response to the recently introduced GOP immigration bill co-sponsored by Reps. Martha McSally, Bob Goodlatte, Raul Labrador, and Mike McCaul:

“The Cabinet Room chairs were still warm after President Trump’s whacky attempt at passing for venerable instead of senile during a staged televised meeting with Democrats to negotiate immigration reform (including the fate of DREAMers), when a merry band of GOP obstructionists threw a wrench at the current negotiations by announcing the introduction of their own bill the following day.

“Although no progress was achieved during the Trump summit beyond agreeing on the issues at hand, namely, DACA, the “Great Wall of Mexico”, “chain migration reform”, and the end of the visa lottery system, the meeting was widely perceived as an opportunity to at least address the fate of DREAMers.

“That was until Rep. Bob Goodlatte announced that he, along with Reps. Mike McCaul, Raul Labrador, and Martha McSally, some of the most conservative members of Speaker Paul Ryan’s immigration working group, had a bill ready to go, instantly making the purpose of the meeting moot. The bill, naturally, includes a Christmas list of Trump’s campaign promises most Democrats will simply ignore.

“Before the “revelation”, Trump had called for a “Bill of Love” to address the plight of DREAMers, but the next day he changed his tune and publicly expressed “gratitude” for the bill and it’s authors, even though love is the last thing that comes to mind when checking on its consequences.

“Implemented as is, the bill will expand mass deportations, spend billions on a useless border wall, will postpone a solution for DACA recipients, and a long list of right-wing actions that will do nothing to improve our homeland security. Except in the mind of red-state voters wishing to see electoral promises turn to reality; even if pointless.

“What we need is smart, responsible legislation, that will help solve the predicament of millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S., particularly DREAMers; not creating more exclusion, resentment, and division, with the only goal of keeping his base alive until the next election season arrives.

“It is up to Democrats to stay strong and not accept the GOP’s demands. Elections are coming for them too, and by the look of it, the tables might turn against the current administration.”