Photo Diary: International Women’s Month with Eliana Briceno


Women everywhere are leading our civic actions. On International Women’s Month, we honor the women who have made their voices heard, the women who were silenced, and the women who continue to lead civic participation in innovative ways.

Phone2Action is the world’s leading technology company for civic participation and engagement, and it is led by women! Phone2Action connected us with election information and now they’re helping us take action with their creative tech tools.

Our impact so far:
15,921 MFV advocates.
19,328 people receiving election information.
3,929 people connecting through text.

The Latino community has been excluded from politics for too long, but with the leadership of Ximena Hartsock, founder of Phone2Action, and Eliana Briceno, customer success manager at Phone2Action, our voices are being amplified in the civic sphere and we have tools to take action on issues that matter to our community. We’re honoring these strong Latinas for their work in making sure that Latinos are being heard and represented.

Learn more about tech leader Eliana Briceno on this International Women’s Month through a photo diary she made:

Starting the day with a good breakfast 😋


I walk to the office after taking the metro❄️


I think of ways to use our technology in more creative ways to help our clients, every single day!


I spend a lot of time collaborating and supporting my team of changemakers


Supporting client events 🙋🏽


I enjoy bike rides in nature after work 🚴‍♀️


Ending the day by spending time with my husband Diego, and reflecting on what I learned to be a better employee the next day. ❤️