Mi Familia Vota’s Latino Voter Outreach Hits the Streets and Airwaves


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October 9, 2018
Contact: Karina Martinez | KarinaM@mifamiliavota.org

Mi Familia Vota’s Latino Voter Outreach Hits the Streets and Airwaves

WASHINGTON, DC — Four weeks ahead of the November 6 election, and with early voting set to get underway, Mi Familia Vota (MFV) volunteers are firing up voters by knocking on doors, tallying up voter registrations and prepping for upcoming nonpartisan candidate debates in key states.

Another major facet of MFV’s voter outreach is digital advertising through television, radio, print, and social media, through MFV’s USA Tu Poder campaign. This week, MFV is releasing new voter engagement videos targeting Latinos and millennials: “USA Tu Poder,” led by journalist Maria Elena Salinas, and “Show Up” messaging by actor, author and MFV Board Member Diane Guerrero.

“We are setting out to prove that the Latino vote is real and it is ready to fight back against policies that have hurt our communities,” said Ben Monterroso, executive director of MFV, which operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas.

“Our message to voters is, ‘Vote. We are proud Americans and we are demanding to be heard on issues like access to affordable health care, immigrants’ rights, voting rights, good schools, environmental protection, fair wages, and restoration of Puerto Rico. We are voting for a Congress that will work together and create inclusive agendas that bring us all to success instead of engaging in hate speech against communities of color,’” Monterroso said.

MFV has registered to vote more than 81,000 people this year and is transitioning to heavy GOTV messaging as many of the key states where MFV has ground operations (Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Nevada) are hitting voter registration deadlines.

The organization plans to contact more than  440,000 people through the MFV door knocking program alone before the November 6th election. An additional 23,000 will be contacted by phone in strategic districts.

Events and video releases this week:

Arizona U.S. Senate candidate participate in town hall sponsored by Univision television and MFV.

DATE: Wednesday, October 10

TIME: 5:00pm

LOCATION: Univision studios at 6006 S 30th St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

CONTACT: eduardos@mifamiliavota.org

Digital media campaign releases featuring Maria Elena Salinas and Diane Guerrero.

New Video: Maria Elena Salinas reminds Latinos not to let others to make decisions for them. “No podemos dejar que otros decidan por nosotros,” she says on Facebook.

Youtube: No Podemos dejar que otros decidan por nosotros

New Video: The renowned journalist makes a final plea for Latino voters to get registered and to make decisions for our country’s future. “Puedes decidir qué pasa en este país: también eres americano,” reminds Salinas.

Watch here: Votantes Latinos Tienen que Participar en la Toma de Decisiones Electorales

Diane Guerrero brings environmental protections into focus and asks voters to cast their ballots to protect our health and environment. Diane states, “This current administration has prioritized corporate gains and big polluters over our health, over our bodies: over everything that is good for us.”

Youtube: Diane Guerrero on the environment.

New Video: Diane Guerrero reminds voters to get registered to vote by texting “NOW” to 90975. Get the voter information you need right at your phone. “This year is critical that we get civically engaged.”

Watch here: Everyone text “NOW” to 90975 to get registered to vote