Mi Familia Vota Welcomes New Board Members: Artie Blanco and Scott B. Astrada


Mi Familia Vota Welcomes New Board Members: Artie Blanco and Scott B. Astrada

Additions to Board Will Help Build Latino Political Power

Washington D.C. – Mi Familia Vota is proud to announce the addition of four new board members to our national governing board making it the first time MFV is a majority female governing board. We are looking to the future to continue educating our community and building Latino political power. With the addition of these new board members, we reinvigorate our commitment as an organization to build a community vision that serves to expand and enhance the aspirations of all of us – Latinas/Latinos/Latines. 

The combined experience and expertise will enable Mi Familia Vota to build a more powerful strategy as we head into the most consequential period of social and economic recovery in American history. We must build Latino political power to help ensure that our voices are heard at the ballot box and fight for the policy priorities for our community. This is why we must continue to build MFV’s civic engagement programs in preparation for the most significant mid-terms in modern history. Now more than ever our voices must be heard at the ballot box. 

The need for Latino political power has never been more urgent than it is today, said Marcelo Gaete, President of Mi Familia Vota Board. Our right to vote is under attack, we have been undercounted in the Census and we must fight back gerrymandering in redistricting fights all over the country. We must hold all politicians accountable to the policy priorities of the Latino community. We will not allow any politician to attack our community, to try to suppress our votes, our voices will be heard at the ballot box.  We welcome our four new board members to help us in these critically important fights for the future of our country. 

Hector Sanchez Barba, CEO and Executive director of Mi Familia Vota said: While we helped win the last election our community continues to suffer from systemic exclusion from the highest offices of power in the country. That is why we are fighting to educate and engage Latinos in civic participation to build our political power, stop the attacks against our families and advance the policy priorities of our community.  We are honored to be joined by Artie and Scott, their experience and strategic approach to this work will aid us in growing and continuing to educate and turn out new Latino voters and keep all politicians accountable. Now, as a national organization with a board composed of a majority of women, we are leading by example making sure we bring down structural barriers that make it harder for Latinas to engage in our most important spaces of power. 

Please Meet Mi Familia Vota’s Four New Board Members


Artie Blanco: Artie has strong experience organizing and mobilizing the Latino community. She began her political career while a freshman in college working for her local congressman. After working for NALEO, the Texas Legislature and the DCCC she joined the DNC family from 2005-2008 as the Southwest Political Director. In 2009, she moved to Nevada to run a non-profit civic engagement organization to register and persuade Latinos to vote in the 2010 election driving Latino turnout for the US Senate race to record levels. In 2012, she joined the National AFL-CIO as the Nevada state director and never looked back. She is now a Regional Campaigns Coordinator for the Western Region of the AFL-CIO, and nine years at the AFL-CIO she is even more committed to the labor movement as she was when her father trained her to serve for the greater good of all working families.


Scott B. Astrada:

Scott B. Astrada has worked in financial services and banking policy for over 10 years. He currently works in the financial technology space, at the intersection of public policy, tech, and financial inclusion. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. Astrada was a 2019 Digital Society Fellow at Stanford University, and currently sits on the Fair Housing Board for the Commonwealth of Virginia  Previously, Astrada has worked for the Center for Responsible Lending, and for the U.S. Senate, as an economic policy advisor. He also worked for the White House Office of Management and Budget, Office of General Counsel in the Administration of President Barack Obama, and completed legislative fellowships through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute at UnidosUs (f/k/a National Council of La Raza), and the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. He has testified before both U.S. House & Senate Committees on financial technology policy, consumer financial protection law and policy, and retirement security. Scott has provided commentary for national media outlets, and has published academic and peer-reviewed articles on race, law & society, and political economy in journals such as the Harvard Latinx Law Review, and The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change.


Mi Familia Vota builds Latino political power as a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.