Mi Familia Vota Nevada Latino Advocacy Day


Mi Familia Vote Nevada held its annual Latino Advocacy Day last month to push for legislation that will improve, protect and advance the interests of the Latino community. Some of the issues we were advocating for were protecting healthcare for families, advancing paid family leave policies, and jobs creation.

Assembly member Sandra Jauregui (AD41)

We joined forces with the Hispanic Legislative Caucus to meet with several local representatives, including Assembly members Sandra Jauregui (AD41) and Susie Martinez (AD12).

Our Latino Advocacy Day tradition began in 1991 and ever since, hundreds of individuals from across Nevada gather every year to participate in this day of action and advocate on behalf of our Latino community.

This year, we gathered for Nevada’s 80th Legislative Session in Carson City. Our annual advocacy days are a chance for community members to connect with current elected officials and share the issues that are most important to them and their community. Remaining active during legislative sessions is especially important because it lets our representatives know that the Latino community is paying attention to local government and the policies coming out of there.

Group picture of Latino Advocacy Day

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