Mi Familia Vota Launches $10 Million Campaign To Vote Trump Out Of Office 


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Press Contact: Kristian Ramos, KristianR@mifamiliavota.org


Mi Familia Vota Launches $10 Million Campaign To Vote Trump Out Of Office

Watch our campaign launch video #BastaTrump


Washington D.C. – Today Mi Familia Vota announced a $10 million campaign to turn out Latino voters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Hector Sanchez Barba, CEO and Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota said:

“We are living a historical moment of attacks and it requires a historical mobilization from our community to say #BastaTrump. Mi Familia Vota is taking its unparalleled field programs and launching a campaign to educate and mobilize our community against the threat that Trump presents to our future and country and vote him out of office. We are adapting to the realities of the current Covid-19 pandemic to reach 3.3 million voters. We are focusing on ambivalent voters that have been historically ignored by political parties and infrastructures. This is personal for us, most of us working at Mi Familia Vota are immigrants or children of immigrants. This is why we are coming together to launch the campaign #BASTATRUMP to empower our community to vote in November.”

Watch our launch video HERE, and watch our launch press conference HERE


Mi Familia Vota: Our mission is to build Latino political power by expanding the electorate, strengthening local infrastructures, and through year-round voter engagement. We are also training the next generation of leaders by opening opportunities through our Youth Development Programs and through our Mi Familia Vota Education Fund work.