The week-long roundtable starting Monday brings together elections administrators, activists, Texas legislators and others to discuss attacks on American democracy

Washington DC — A roundtable bringing together big-name voting rights activists and elections administrators to discuss legislative solutions to the state-level attacks on American democracy will kick off tomorrow, June 19th in Washington DC and virtually. The conference, sponsored by Mi Familia Vota and SEIU Texas, will also include among its attendees the 55 Texas legislators who broke quorum during a special session called by Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has sought to use the session to force a vote on a series of election law changes designed to pick and choose which eligible voters can and cannot vote in the state’s elections. 

The roundtable will include elected officials from all across the country including the Secretaries of State of Maine, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, elections administrators, and life-long activists like Dolores Huerta, Thomas Saenz of MALDEF, Varun Nikore of AAPI Action Fund, Cliff Albright of Black Voters Matter Fund and Erika Hudson of the National Disability Rights Network. State legislators from around the country are also expected to participate in the programming. It is expected that attendees will share ideas, best practices and legislative items that can be used to create free, fair, and secure elections that also ensure that every eligible citizen who wants to participate in elections can have access to the ballot.

“Mi Familia Vota couldn’t be beyond thrilled to be hosting this crucial voting rights summit to support pro voter Texas legislators and activists across the country who are doing everything in their power to protect the right to vote,” said Hector Sanchez Barba, Chief Executive Officer of Mi Familia Vota. “With this conference, we will help prepare our voting rights champions for the fight ahead and we will show them that they aren’t alone in defending our democracy and fighting for us all. With Covid-19 protocols in place, this conference is the next step in our fight to pass the John Lewis For the People Act. We thank our champions of Democracy for staying in the fight and pledge our support.”

“SEIU Texas continues to be committed to standing  up for our pro-democracy Texas legislators and we are excited to host a conference showing that our entire organization has their back,” said Elsa Caballero, President of SEIU Texas. “We will educate our legislators, train our allies, and fight back against the perpetrators of voter suppression to preserve our democracy. SEIU Texas knows that our democracy thrives when all eligible people have the opportunity to cast their ballot. Stay tuned this week for exciting and special guests coming together to fight the scourge of voter suppression.”

The roundtable will kick off with an opening plenary featuring Hector Sanchez Barba and Angelica Razo of Mi Familia Vota, as well as Elsa Caballero and Resha Thomas from SEIU Texas. After the welcome, civil-rights icon Dolores Huerta as well as Varun Nikore from the AAPI Victory Fund will speak to legislators in attendance about the need to stand up and fight back in this moment against attacks on voting rights.

Each day of the conference, the agenda for the next day will be released to press as well as times for press availabilities for speakers as well as Texas legislators. Tomorrow’s availability will be between 11AM and 12PM Eastern Time.