MFV Vows to Continue Pushing for Immigration Reform that Keeps Families Together



June 16, 2017


Anna Castro | | 619.228.5332

MFV Vows to Continue Pushing for Immigration Reform that Keeps Families Together

DHS announcement that DACA is safe but DAPA is out spurs immigrant advocates to push for reform and hold accountable cruel deportation agents

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Late Thursday night, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the result of an executive order signed under the Obama Administration, would remain in effect. In the same breath, they officially stopped the proposed Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Legal Permanent Residents (DAPA), ending to the dreams of the approximately 3.6 million aspiring Americans who would have qualified for the program, also a product of the Obama Administration.

This late night bittersweet news comes in the midst of threats by the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that if a person is undocumented, regardless of whether they have committed a crime, they should “look over [their] shoulder, and [they] need to be worried.” The White House has also commented that although the DACA program is still set in place, the long-term plans for immigrants who come to the country when they were young have not been decided.

The following is a statement from Cristian Avila, national civic engagement coordinator of Mi Familia Vota:

“Although I can breathe a sigh of relief that DACA has survived another day in this chaotic administration, President Donald Trump could do more to protect DACA recipients like me who contribute everyday towards strengthening our communities. If he believes that the permanent solution lies with Congress, he should tell the Republican-led House and Senate to focus on commonsense immigration reform that keeps families together.

“Unfortunately, at the end of the day, this feels like more of Trump’s empty promises to DACA recipients, who already have been targets of enforcement actions. Also, DACA recipients cannot rest easily when our families are still in the crosshairs of deportation agents. Inaction by Congress plus overly aggressive agencies that threaten our rights is a recipe for heartache. The American public is starting to wake up to the cruelty of the administration’s policies which make parents afraid to drop their children off at school.

“Mi Familia Vota continues pushing for a long-term solution that doesn’t leave out members of our family. Those who can vote will hold accountable lawmakers who claim to hold family values close to their hearts yet are willing to force a U.S. citizen child grow up without their parents.”