MFV Outlines Strategic Changes to Build Latino Political Power


For Immediate Release
June 2019
Contact: Karina Martinez at 858/752-1262 karinam@mifamiliavota.org


MFV Outlines Strategic Changes to Build Latino Political Power


Mi Familia Vota moves forward with strategic changes concentrated on the Latino and immigrant community.

Mi Familia Vota Board of Directors issued the following statement:

“Over the last six months, Mi Familia Vota underwent a series of reviews and created a five-year strategic plan to optimize organizational operations that recommit the Latino and immigrant communities as the heart of our work. As the custodians of the organization, the board is dedicated to strengthening our success and offering a progressively promising future based in Latino civic engagement.

To fulfill this vision, MFV is conducting a search for a new executive director and has hired Koya Leadership Partners to assist with this effort. We have also added new, ambitious talent to key management positions. The fresh leadership will serve to support our ground teams who help guide us. Historically, MFV has been led by the hundreds of people who have dedicated themselves to our missionbuilding Latino political powerby serving in field operations, and we will continue to be driven by frontline staff. Together, we will advance the Latino and immigrant communities through increased civic engagement, voter mobilization, and an expanded Latino electorate ahead of our census work and the 2020 elections.

MFV is also enhancing our organization by more acutely tending to our staff needs. We are building an even stronger infrastructure to meet the challenges of current and future work. Specialized training and increased opportunities for development will polish our support structures, build capacity, and strengthen our familia moving forward. With some fine-tuning, we will have expert staff representing MFV at local and national convenings while the remaining select staff provide organizational support. Our plans will better serve our community and will help create a healthier, more supportive environment in which they can flourish and improve their capacity to support our communities.

We are re-imagining and revitalizing our work around issues critical to the Latino community to ensure that we are making the right calls: fight back when needed, while creating a more proactive strategy across the organization, germinating from a powerful combination of proficient staff, research, and communications. We are creating innovative and impactful Latino-focused campaigns through which we will strengthen our efforts on advocacy issues such as workers’ rights, the environment, healthcare, immigration, and others.

The foundation of our work continues to be based on local initiatives that carry into state and national campaigns. Our local strategies will be improved through datadriven metrics and practices to amplify our impact on both community outreach and our year-round legislative and electoral work. This work will be complemented and amplified through digital and traditional media. Our blend of high impact traditional media opportunities in Spanish language TV, radio and print, combined with our increased capacity on digital and phone options will allow us to better target, reach, and unite multiple audiences in our diverse Latino community. They will be engaged in issue advocacy ranging from workers’ rights, environmental protection, voting rights, immigration reform and more.

“MFV has established an unrivaled trust in our community through our ground operations, which has catapulted us as a national leader in Latino civic engagement. MFV is situated in some of the highest growth areas for Latinos and areas that are also leading some of the most closely watched federal and state races in the country:

    – Houston/Harris County/ Dallas/San Antonio, Texas

    – Maricopa County/ Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona

    – Orlando/Tampa, Florida

    – Las Vegas, Nevada

    – Denver, Colorado

    – Fresno/Riverside/Modesto, CA

Accordingly, it is time to enter into our next evolutionary phase that more fully aligns our constituent growth and necessities with our operations. We are proud and grateful to now have the capacity to expand our efforts with dedicated staff who come from the communities that we serve and who are dedicated to being the leaders in grassroots political empowerment across the country. We look forward to unfolding a regenerated and invigorated organization with your support and counsel as we labor together to bring our growing familia to new heights.


Mi Familia Vota is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.