MFV National Campaigns PIVOTAL To Record-Breaking Latino Turnout


MFV National Campaigns PIVOTAL To Record-Breaking Latino Turnout 

Historic #BastaTrump Campaign Mobilizes Voters in 9 States

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Washington D.C. With the mission to advance Latino voices in the political arena, our approach to civic engagement incorporates a wide variety of leadership development, year-round issue advocacy, voter education, registration and participation, naturalization and census. We ran the largest national Latino grassroots field operation, with over 1,600 team members and volunteers, implementing bold and dynamic campaigns in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas engaging Latino voters through targeted community outreach. When the pandemic hit, we rapidly shifted to digital strategies and expanded our work to cover three new states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin digitally. 

Utilizing our partnerships with Spanish speaking media, Mi Familia Vota and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund worked closely with local and national outlets to drive messaging on civic engagement and underscore the critical importance of this year’s election. With Univision, we launched a new national voter hotline (1-833-868-2667) to raise awareness and respond to questions about this year’s election. We also undertook two powerful digital campaigns, #Votamos to combat misinformation and mistrust, and #BastaTrump, to deny Donald Trump a second term and highlight the consequences of four more years. We vigorously pursued legal action to safeguard voting rights in Arizona and Texas as well as a lawsuit against President Trump and other top administration officials.

Héctor Sánchez Barba, Mi Familia Vota CEO and Executive Director said:

“This election once and for all dispels the outdated notion that Latino voters are a sleeping giant. Our organization, Mi Familia Vota, has proved that once you invest in our community, listen and take Latinos seriously, we will show up in record numbers making our voices and priorities heard. The decisive turnout of the Latino vote was felt at the ballot box across key battleground states. Latinos were motivated by concerns over COVID-19 economic aid, affordable higher education, home ownership, fair immigration reform and environmental safeguards. We will continue our work to build on this momentum led by younger Latinos, who are gathering the winds of political power, so that our community continues to make its mark on the electoral landscape well into the future.We ran the most comprehensive national Latino grassroots field operations, which were critical to engaging and mobilizing Latinos, particularly youth “

Largest field operation in the Latino Community

  • 7 million Voters Contacts in 9 states  
  • 4.9 Million Phone Calls
  • 2.6 Million Text Messages
  • 500,000 Door Knocks
  • 219,751 Mailers
  • 550,000 Voter Registrations to date

Robust and innovative media and social media investments #BastaTrump and #Votamos 

  • $2.5 Million on digital, Spanish language TV and Radio ADs in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, TX, MI, PA, and WI
  • #BastaTrump + other campaigns raised $14 Million
  • 18 Million Social media impressions

4 Lawsuits 2 victories

  • Upholding voter rights in Texas
  • Extending voter registrations in Arizona
  • National voter suppression lawsuit against the Trump administration and campaign 
  • Arizona lawsuit on Dirty Water Rule (ongoing)