MFV Kicks off National Voter Registration Day Weeklong Activities in Latino Dominant Regions  


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MFV Kicks off National Voter Registration Day Weeklong Activities in Latino Dominant Regions  

Youth voter registration, citizenship workshops, and nonprofit voter registration training will take place across the country  


Fresno, California – Following a nation-wide youth climate strike, Mi Familia Vota (MFV), the premier Latino civic engagement organization, will be hosting a series of scaled activities to engage the Latino community in advocacy and the electoral process.

As part of National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) activities, MFV will be training national, state, and local organizations and volunteers to register and engage eligible voters by the multitudes. The organization’s civic engagement efforts will be expanded and maximized by priming non-profits and-non traditional partners on scaled voter registration techniques. The skills developed and employed over the organization’s lifetime will help NVRD participants to properly gauge their capacity for voter registration, recruit volunteers, and set appropriate goals. MFV will provide in-person support to NVRD participants and will be available for additional mentorship by phone. 

Well over 450,000 community members have been registered to vote by MFV, many of whom are low propensity and first-time Latino voters. MFV will continue to multiply youth voter registration by hosting daily voter registration drives on high school and college campuses during this quintessential week (Online voter registration is also encouraged for those whose states allow: register to vote now.)  Last week, thousands of youth across the nation protested congressional inaction on climate change and students are eager to prepare for the 2020 elections and continue to make their voices heard. During NVRD week, Mi Familia Vota will be hosting a youth leadership workshop in Phoenix, Arizona that will in advance of a major climate action town-hall scheduled for October 1st.   

MFV is serving the diverse needs of the Latino population by also hosting citizenship workshops during NVRD week. Close to nine million legal permanent residents are eligible to become citizens but have yet to naturalize. Immigrants are a vital part of our communities and our democracies and MFV recognizes the need to support their integration into the electoral process. The next citizenship workshop being hosted by MFV will take place on September 28th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MFV will continue to help drive a culture of civic engagement in the Latino community with the aim of  building lasting political power. We are working to educate, mobilize, and empower all members of our community, regardless of age or immigration status, in preparation for 2020 and beyond.

Key MFV Activities During the Week of National Voter Registration Day

September 23 – 28 , California: Full list of daily on-campus voter registration drives

September 24, Orlando, Florida: 10 am Bilingual Press Conference at the Ana G Mendez University and voter registration drive 

September 24, Houston, Texas: Voter registration at the University of Houston and Houston Community College

September 24, Houston, Texas: Voter registration and voter education with Texas mayoral candidates at the Association for Advancement of Mexican American Mayoral Forum on Latino Issues from 6:30 – 8:00pm

September 24, Denver, Colorado: Youth voter registration at Abraham Lincoln High School and North High School 

September 28, Las Vegas, Nevada: Citizenship Workshop for LV Community

September 28, Phoenix: Youth Leadership Workshop

October 1, Phoenix, Arizona: Climate Action Town Hall



Mi Familia Vota is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.