MFV to Congress: Change Course & Rise to the Challenge of Our Times


For Immediate Release
February 9, 2018
Contact: Karina Martínez | | 858/752-1262

MFV to Congress: Change Course & Rise to the Challenge of Our Times

By failing to protect Dreamers with a Dream Act, Congress fulfills Trump’s anti-immigrant dream, leaving 700,000 DACA recipients at heightened risk of deportation. Congress’ immediate reversal is needed, beginning with passing a clean Dream Act.

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Congress passed a spending bill that excludes the DREAM Act, abandoning 700,000 DACA recipients to the whims of the anti-immigrant Trump administration. Trump ordered the program to be cancelled on March 5th.

The following statement was issued by Ben Monterroso, Mi Familia Vota Executive Director:

“This morning, President Trump voiced his approval that Congress did not include DACA in the spending bill. Trump is capitalizing on Congress’ failure to protect Dreamers, and fulfilling his racist, anti-immigrant agenda. This is the president who launched his candidacy on racial attacks, who promised a deportation force, and who continues to use his platform to assail people of color and immigrant communities. Congress cannot continue to complete the will of a president who is morally bankrupt. With each new failure, our country’s moral deficiency increases.

“Trump is moving quickly to create the most threatening, anti-immigrant set of immigration policies of our generation. We are experiencing a new moral low in our country and a complete about-face is necessary from Congress to protect American values and the people of our nation. These elected representatives must realize the critical nature of our times and take concrete actions to protect those who are under direct threat. The first rectifying action must be to protect Dreamers through legislation that does not jeopardize other immigrants.

“This upcoming week, there will be a debate on immigration legislation. Congress cannot continue to cave into the Trump administration- they must pass a narrow bill like the Dream Act without further anti-immigrant concessions. Our communities are not bargaining tools and we deserve that respect.”


Mi Familia Vota is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.