In a Historic Election, Latino Media Organizes Unprecedented Campaign to Mobilize Voters in Arizona




August 31, 2016

Contact: Felipe Benitez, felipeb@mifamiliavota.org,  (202)215-9664

Eduardo Sainz, eduardos@mifamiliavota.org, (520)245-6382

In a Historic Election, Latino Media Organizes Unprecedented Campaign to Mobilize Voters in Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ – Mi Familia Vota is joining forces with the state’s leading Latino media outlets for a civic engagement campaign that will educate and mobilize eligible voters to participate in this year’s presidential election.

In an unprecedented push to motivate Latino voters and build political power, more than 20 prominent Latino media partners will produce and broadcast public service announcements, generate election-related news coverage and host informational phone banks. The collaborative effort includes the participation of:

Azteca America, Contacto Total, Entravision Radio: La Tricolor 103.5 FM, Jose 106.9 and 107.1 FM & ESPN 710 AM, La Voz, Mary Rabago Productions LLC, Mujeres Unicas LLC, Onda 1190-AM, Prensa Hispana, Telemundo Phoenix, Telemundo Tucson, Telemundo Yuma, Teleritmo, TeleXitos Phoenix, TeleXitos Tucson and Univision Arizona, including UniMás Arizona and Univision’s radio stations: Que Buena 105.9 FM, Mas Variedad 106.3 FM and Latino Mix 100.3 FM.

A similar effort proved successful in 2012 when various Latino media outlets united to counter SB 1070, one of the country’s strictest law on immigration. Television and radio partners in Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma will put out an estimated 2,500 PSAs between September and November and coordinate with on-air talent to reach the Latino community. The campaign’s message will focus on the importance of the Latino vote and its power to shape the future. Latino communities have the power to elect candidates who will work and fight for the issues that affect their families, neighborhood and ultimately, the country.

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Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota: “We are extremely proud of our Latino media partners. They are making history in an already historic election by continuing to help build political power for the Latino community.”

Roberto Yañez, Vice President and General Manager of Univision Arizona: “Univision Arizona understands the power of Latino voices, but we also understand the importance of having access to information so that voters can make an informed decision this election. We stand together with Mi Familia Vota and other media companies to leverage our platforms to empower our communities to be an important part of the political process by having their voices heard this November.”

Araceli De Leon, President and General Manager, Telemundo Phoenix and Telemundo Tucson: “We are excited to join Mi Familia Vota’s new public awareness campaign. Through our on-air, digital and mobile platforms, and our hyper local #YODECIDO voter registration drives, our stations are delivering the news and information our viewers need to be informed and empowered voters. We hope this new effort encourages voters to get involved.”

Ernesto Romero, News Director Telemundo 3 Yuma-El Centro: “This is a historic election year, with many key issues that affect the Latino community. With our strong Latino population in Yuma and Imperial County, it’s important for us to inform our viewers why their vote matters this November. Our partnership with Mi Familia Vota will help drive that message.”

Efrain Morales, General Manager of Azteca Phoenix: “It is crucial we make our vote count. It’s time to take control of our destiny and for our voices to be heard, and the only way we will accomplish this is by voting. It’s our moral obligation to those who can’t vote and to ourselves as well.”

Dean Apostalides, Senior Vice President of Entravision Communications: “The power of the Latino community will impact this election more than at any previous time.”

Laura Madrid, General Manager of La Onda 1190 AM: “By coming together we remind our community that we all want the same thing: a better and more unified community. This can be accomplished by our voice, our vote.”

Mary Rabago, of Con Mary Rabago: “The unity represented by the various media outlets in this effort is an excellent example of the effort that must also be put forth by the community. By working together we can make a difference and bring the necessary and anticipated change in our state.”

Stella Paolini, of Mujeres Unicas: “Mujeres Unicas radio show is a success among the Hispanic community and we are proud to join Mi Familia Vota in a campaign to highlight the importance of the vote in November.”

Manny Garcia, Prensa Hispana and Teleritmo: “At Prensa Hispana and Teleritmo, we have the mission to give to our readers balanced information, we are always searching for the middle ground. The goal is to have a well-informed people that use their own sound judgment. During election season, we need to correct wrong concepts about democracy. In the United States of America, your vote counts, and it is your responsibility to use it. If you can’t vote you can ask a friend, a brother, a parent, or a neighbor who is eligible to vote to do it. Only we can change our future in this beautiful country.”