I don’t want to believe we live in a world this cruel.


Last night I cried my eyes out as I watched my kids sleep. Each breath…a soothing sound of peace and security. Their little bodies so warm and comfortable.

I sat and wondered what they were dreaming about, kissed their cheek and smiled. Then almost instantly, my eyes swelled up with tears and I couldn’t help but to think that by mere luck, they are safe. That because of the sacrifices my parents made for me, we were privileged to be American citizens and spared from the wrath of this government. I’m torn between immense gratitude and empathy. Thinking about their innocence and the peace that surrounded them while other children just like them are suffering, yearning for love, a warm bed, and protection breaks my heart into pieces. I don’t want to believe we live in a world this cruel where we rob children of basic human needs. I wish I could hug all of them, let them know that I love them, that they are worthy, that they matter. Hug your babies.

On behalf of all of the little boys and and girls who should be forming lives with their parents, please show up to vote. Vote in every election cycle; our children are worth everything.

Karla Mexia is a mother of two daughters. Her family lives in a border-city near the U.S. and Mexico border.