How my mother’s teachings and inspire me to serve my community


Francisco Davila, a city worker from Long Beach shares how elections remind him of his mother’s teachings and inspire him to serve his community. 

Election Day reminds me of a story my mom once told me which I carry with me to this day.

She told me the story of a little girl whose mother threw her a birthday party. When she came out of her room to the birthday celebration, she started pointing out all the things that were wrong. The music wasn’t good, there were no balloons, the decorations were lame, and on and on.

The mother pulled the little girl aside and said, ” go back to your room and don’t come back out until you have suggestions for how to make the party better and what you are going to do to make it better”

So the girl came back with a music playlist, a game to have all her friends blow up balloons and see who was fastest, and adjusted some of the decorations to her liking. Before she realized it the party was rocking, she was having a great time, and all her friends complimented her on having such a fun party.

The moral of the story: the world is full of people who point out what’s wrong. Be a person who’s part of making things right. Today you can do that by voting. There’s enough talking heads out there, there are enough people saying what they think. Talking is only good if it’s followed by action. If you are able to vote in this election and choose not to, I do not want to hear what you think is wrong. I would much rather have a conversation about what you are doing to make things right.