Here is Home: Liz’s Undocu-Impact


Mi Familia Vota is joining the “Home is Here” campaign to celebrate Dreamers for their accomplishments using DACA to advance their education and careers, but also recognizing the urgency to save the program. The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on DACA in just over a month on November 12, 2019. Please join us and take action to support Dreamers! We’re sharing their stories and asking you to tell your elected officials that home is here for our undocumented community members!

Meet Liz: 

“I will continue to develop the ideas and stories that were sparked by my experience in working toward social change, by using the mediums of film, television, and theater to tell the stories of the people in society who are making a difference and often go unrecognized or are purposely marginalized. I want to share the stories of our communities through art and film to show that our various backgrounds are what strengthen us as a nation, and what makes our society vibrant. The stories of immigrants, people of color, and all those who are marginalized, who encounter more than their fair share of challenges and are incredibly resilient. I hope to be able to show the undeniable truth of people as people, not as sides of an issue. Because now more than ever it is crucial that the humanity in each person be recognized, especially those who are not traditionally given a platform to speak out.”

– Liz Magallanes in an interview for Dallas Weekly.

Liz Magallanes is Mi Familia Vota’s Dallas Fort Worth coordinator. She is also a DACA recipient and immigrant advocate who works to bring justice through empowerment, and civic engagement in Latino and allied communities. Liz has had a leadership role in advocating for the repeal of anti-immigrant bill SB4, for in-state tuition of Texans without status, and for driver permits for all Texas drivers. She has also worked to oppose mandated E-verify. During her time with MFV, Liz has connected the issues impacting communities of color and other marginalized communities to effect social change in various capacities.

Liz is proud of her immigrant story and has used her voice to bring strength to fellow undocumented youth and awareness of our immigration pitfalls to the Texas community. Texas is leading the fight against DACA, despite one of the states with the most DACA recipients. Liz opens the door to her family’s undocumented immigrant experience in “Crossed”.