Florida State Senator Artiles’ racist and sexist comments remain inexcusable



April 20, 2017



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Florida State Senator Artiles’ racist and sexist comments remain inexcusable

Despite issuing an apology, Mi Familia Vota along with many other organizations demand his resignation  

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida State Senator Frank Artiles (R) remains under fire due to comments he made while at the members-only Governor’s Club on Monday night. On top of racial slurs used while conversing with black lawmakers, he also used sexist and profane language. It was reported that the senator was under the influence of alcohol when he was quoted saying, “I unfortunately let my temper get the best of me.”

Instead of taking responsibility for using language that doesn’t reflect the views or beliefs of his constituency, Florida State Senator Artiles tried to normalize his actions to reporters after his apology. He referenced that other elected officials have been involved in the same type of situation, but that they were never called to resign. On top of this, he gave a statement proposing that his offensive remarks were being used to attack his 2018 run for reelection, which he confirmed was still in the works.

“Florida State Senator Artiles’ remarks were unacceptable,” said Esteban Garces, Florida state director with Mi Familia Vota. “Attempting to excuse and minimize his behaviors after issuing an apology is even worse. People that use offensive language that callously cannot properly represent any constituency and shouldn’t be allowed to hold positions in elected offices. Mi Familia Vota joins the organizations calling for Senator Frank Artiles to resign, agreeing with the principle that an apology is not enough for an offense of this nature.”