Fatherhood and Activism


This Father’s Day we are amplifying the voices of Latino dads. Felipe Benitez, founder of Corazon Latino, shares some of his immigrant story and his hopes for the future of his son, Alejandro.

“As a proud Mexican immigrant, I came to this country with a small suitcase and a lot of hopes and dreams. Although I went through a handful of immigration issues, my skills and attributes were needed here. I was lucky enough to have come to this country with a great education from Mexico and valuable experiences. I founded Corazon Latino, a national non-profit organization that amplifies environmental stewardship in the Latino community through local environmental initiatives. I am very proud to represent my community as a professional who helps guide organizations and programs that ultimately seek Latino empowerment.  Living here has instilled in me a sense of responsibility to open opportunities for other members of my community who are willing to take advantage of them.


“As a dad, I want to be able to instill all those qualities and principles in my son, Alejandro. I want him to be proud of his Mexican heritage and proud of the country that he lives in. I’m teaching him to be a hard worker so that he will be able to create opportunities for himself and his community. Alejandro is my biggest motivation to advocate for issues about the environment, social justice, and immigrant rights. I want my son to not only have a future, but to have a present that allows him access to nature, clean air and water, and to enjoy all that our “madre tierra” has to offer.”

Find more about Corazon Latino on their Facebook page.