Even when registration and voting are easy, many in Nevada simply don’t do it


Reno Gazette-Journal


LAS VEGAS – From behind the wheel of a black Chrysler minivan, Joseph Paul Gloria surveys the sun-scorched streets of Las Vegas. Gloria is the registrar of voters for Clark County, home to Las Vegas and nearly three-fourths of the Silver State’s population. On this day, as he visits various polling locations, the two-week early voting period for the state’s primary election is only a day from wrapping up. Suddenly, his phone rings.

One of the county’s early voting locations, inside a library, has been hit with a power outage. The library staff has closed up and gone home. Gloria’s poll workers will do no such thing. Within 30 minutes of the outage, an emergency response team brings in everything the polling location will need to keep going: a generator, fans, water, ice and lights.

“We need to do everything we can to make sure that as people are driving up they’re aware that we’re still open despite the library,” said Gloria. His subordinate agreed and positioned herself in front of the library to reassure people that the polls are still open. Through all the chaos, not a single voter is turned away.