Elected officials represent us – tell them how to represent you


With election day still in the rearview mirror, the very next day, I called my Congressman to speak to him about introducing a bill to remove the citizenship question on the 2020 Census. With a new party majority in the House of Representatives, voters have signaled a desire for change. We have to demand that our elected officials support our values and protect our communities from a drastic under-count that will hurt our communities.

I also got to work on setting up meetings with my local council-members in Fresno, California. Latinos will be the majority on Fresno’s city council and our plan is to work with them on advocating for better integration for our immigrant communities.

I’ve done this as the California state director for Mi Familia Vota, but we can all advocate for the issues that we care about. Don’t wait until the next election to review what your elected officials are doing: write to them, call them, contact them on social media, or attend town-hall meetings with them. Elected officials represent us, so it’s up to us to tell them how we want to be represented.