Celebrate immigrants, our heritage, and our communities


Immigrant Heritage Month

  1. Why is Immigrant Heritage Month important to you?

Immigrants represent what makes us inherently human—our need, our ability to hope. It’s important that we celebrate immigrant stories, not simply to honor the immigrants who have contributed so much to our country and the radiant fabric of our society, but to remember that the pursuit of a better life unites us all, no matter the color of our skin, the language we speak, what god we pray to, or where we were born.

  1. Why is important for individuals to be aware of their heritage/past roots?

Developing an understanding of our heritage is an empowering experience. It connects us to a story that is bigger than ourselves, and that’s especially important for those who might otherwise feel devalued or ignored by society.

  1. How do your immigrant roots inform your outlook of politics/life?

I am the youngest child of a single immigrant mother with a third-grade education, and she worked very hard to provide for me. She spent the vast majority of her days cleaning the homes of the wealthy to put food on the table and clothes on my back. It is because of her that I understand the value of hard work. I owe it to her and to mothers like her, who do everything in their power to protect their families, to make sure everyone has a real opportunity to succeed.