STATEMENT: Ahead of Tax Vote, Mi Familia Vota Cautions GOP-led House of Harm to Latinos, Working Families


For Immediate Release
November 15, 2017
Contact: Denise Lopez | | (559) 393-3398

Ahead of Vote Giving Massive Tax Cuts to Wealthy, Mi Familia Vota Cautions GOP-led House of Harm to Latinos, Middle- and Low-income Families
 Shamefully, Senate Plans to Gut Affordable Care Act When It Debates Tax Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republicans are poised to inflict major harm on Latinos and middle- and low-income families as part of legislation that will give the tax cuts to the richest 1% and wealthy corporations, and give President Trump a badly-needed legislative win.

As the House prepares to vote, Senate Republicans are planning to undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to pay for tax cuts for the rich. Repealing the individual mandate that is at the core of ACA would cause 13 million to lose their health insurance over the next decade.

Even without gutting the ACA, the House GOP bill would be paid for by slashing health care programs that are greatly relied upon by Latino families. About one-third of non-elderly Latino adults and children use Medicaid, which was expanded under the ACA. Under the Republican budget blueprint, beneficiaries could lose coverage entirely, while others could see cuts in the health services they receive, to help cover the cost of tax cuts for the rich.

The following is a statement by Ben Monterroso, executive director of MFV:

“Let’s be clear: The Trump/GOP plan is a scam — un engaño — on Latinos, the middle class and working poor.

“Latinos will not be fooled by members of Congress who claim this is a tax benefit for the middle-class, when they already have voted for a budget that will increase our out-of-pocket costs for health care.

“Congress also is cutting other safety net programs in areas like education, Head Start, job training and SNAP, the food stamp program. As the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities said, ‘When Congress turns its attention to paying for those tax cuts, most Latino families would likely lose more from cuts in areas such as health care, child care assistance, college aid and job training, food assistance, and refundable tax credits — that is, from programs that provide them with needed support or promote their upward mobility — than they would gain from the heavily skewed tax cuts.’

“This tax cut plan is irresponsible and mean-spirited. Latinos will not be tricked by the false promise of tax cuts, and we will not forget next year, when lawmakers are seeking re-election, to ask why they committed this disgrace and turned their backs on us.”