DACA Press Call w/ NV State Sen. Cancela, West Wendover Mayor Corona, Mi Familia Vota, others


For Immediate Release   Contact: Nicky Vogt, nicole@npstrategygroup.com

October 24, 2017

State Senator Yvanna Cancela and West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona Join Local DACA Recipient and Local Leaders to Call on Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Mark Amodei to Pass the Dream Act

A recording of today’s call is available here.

West Wendover, NV  – Ahead of the December 8th omnibus deadline, State Senator Yvanna Cancela and West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona joined local DACA recipients, Clark County Commissioner Giunchigliani, PLAN, and Mi Familia Vota to discuss why a legislative solution for Dreamers is so urgent for Nevada and America and to call on Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) and Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-02) to support the Dream Act. A recording of today’s call is available here.

In Nevada, there are more than 13,000 DACA recipients whose futures and opportunities to fully contribute to their communities are threatened by President Trump’s decision to end the popular and successful DACA program. In Rep. Amodei’s district alone, there are nearly 5,000 DACA-eligible residents.

State Senator Yvanna Cancela, said, “This is an important moment for our country and state. It is disheartening that, on multiple occasions, Senator Heller and Representative Amodei have refused to stand up for Dreamers and have failed to take any position on the Dream Act. Nevada deserves better. There are more than 13,000 Dreamers in Nevada, they are doctors, teachers, and leaders that are essential to our state. Senator Heller and Representative Amodei have the opportunity to pass a clean Dream Act. My question for Congress is, what are you waiting for? Every day we do a disservice to immigrants who have made this country their home. Nevadans are counting on Sen. Heller and Rep. Amodei to pass a clean Dream Act.”

West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona, said, “I cannot begin to stress how important the Dream Act is to families in my community. I often tell people that West Wendover would be a much smaller city and wouldn’t be able to host our 4 million plus tourists each year if it weren’t for our large immigrant community. Immigrant families have played a critical part in the City’s success since our inception. Here in Nevada’s second congressional district, we have 5,000+ DACA eligible Dreamers, several hundred of those reside here in West Wendover. They hold just about every job imaginable, they are our friends, and our neighbors. If the Dream Act isn’t passed, it would have a disastrous effect not only on community morale in my city but also our local and state economies. So, I urge Congressman Amodei and Senator Heller to lead from a place of compassion and put people first and pass the Dream Act!

Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, said, “I have to commend the attorneys, PLAN, and the immigration coalition who worked to help these Dreamers meet their DACA deadlines. However, we saw that many were afraid to come out and will now lose their DACA status. Senator Heller and Representative Amodei have put fear in these young people’s hearts and put them at risk. We need a clean Dream Act, not something that is detrimental to DACA recipients and their families.”

Erika Castro, Senior Organizer, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, DACA recipient, said, “The Republican party rescind DACA and now wants to criminalize our parents in order to give us our lives back, but we will continue working to pass a clean DREAM Act without harming our families. We cannot negotiate protection for people like me while making it easier to deport people like our parents.”

Laura Martin, Associate Director, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), said, “A few weeks ago PLAN leaders met with Representative Mark Amodei. He said he will need 30 days to decide if he supports the DREAM Act, but time is running out for millions of immigrants who had DACA. President Trump created this crisis and Nevada members of Congress like Mark Amodei and Dean Heller must join their four Nevada colleagues to stop the chaos. We can’t wait 30 days for Amodei and Heller to wake up and do what’s right.”

Karla Rodriguez Beltran, DACA-recipient and Nevada Coordinator, Mi Familia Vota, said, “This is not a time to play politics. This is your chance to stand by your words and be a hero on this issue to the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers and their friends and families, including those who vote. We invite you to be part of this bipartisan effort and sign on to the bipartisan DREAM Act, sponsored in the House by Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Democrat Lucille Royal Allard.”

This call came as 22,000 Dreamers nationwide recently lost DACA because of an arbitrary deadline created by the Trump administration. If Congress can’t pass the Dream Act alone then it must be included in the bill that funds the government in December.