Mi Familia Vota Texas Hails Federal Court Decision Blocking Key Provisions of State’s Racial Profiling Law


For Immediate Release

Aug. 30, 2017


Carlos Duarte, carlosd@mifamiliavota.org, 832-746-1108

Mi Familia Vota Texas Hails Federal Court Decision Blocking Key Provisions of State’s Racial Profiling Law

Houston, TX — Enforcement of  key provisions of Texas’ racial profiling law, known as SB 4, has been delayed by U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia, pending a trial on its constitutionality. In a ruling issued Wednesday, August 30, the judge decided to temporarily block the September 1 start date of SB 4, finding that the lawsuit filed by Texas cities and others, has merit.

The following is a statement by Carlos Duarte, Texas state director for Mi Familia Vota (MFV):

“Judge Garcia reached the only logical conclusion concerning SB 4. The law is unconstitutional and must be blocked before it ruins the lives of our families, all Texans, our economy and our jobs.

“We especially appreciate that the decision will provide much needed temporary relief for Latino and immigrant communities as they and millions of Texans struggle to deal with Hurricane Harvey.

“When this case goes to trial, we believe the conservative-led state Legislature will, again, be found guilty of discriminatory intent in passing SB 4. The courts previously found the Legislature acted with the intention of discriminating against communities of color and immigrants when it approved redistricting maps that diluted the voting strength of minorities, and when it passed a voter ID law designed to intimidate voters. They did the same with SB 4.

“SB 4 is a law with no good purpose except to racially profile Latinos, on the off-chance that a traffic stop will lead to an immigration detention.

“The law enforcement community says it will make communities less safe. International and domestic business leaders predict SB 4 will send the Texas economy on a downward spiral. Latino citizens are realizing they will be targeted based on the color of their skin.

“We realize this court decision is not final and that the legal battle will continue. While the court case is pending, we remind everyone to undergo ‘Know Your Rights,’ training if they haven’t already, and ask that Latinos and immigrants report incidents of racial profiling that they may experience or witness.

In the meantime, MFV will continue working with allies to repeal SB 4, including mobilizing voters next year to help elect legislators who are not driven by hate and contempt for diversity.”