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 Trillion Dollar Bill Yields to Anti-Immigration Extremists

We need to elect a Congress that will respond to constituent needs. Our voices were loud and clear about the need for immigration safeguards, especially for Dreamers. But extremist Republicans like President Trump and the leaders of the House and Senate will not bring a Dreamer-focused bill to the floor.

Mi Familia Vota Condemns Senate Failure to Protect Dreamers

The Republican-led Senate blocked Dreamer-focused bipartisan plans that would have created a permanent fix for the Dreamers, who were thrown into a crisis created by President Trump when he ended the highly successful DACA program for no good reason except to advance his racist agenda.

MFV to Congress: Change Course & Rise to the Challenge of Our Times

Trump is moving quickly to create the most threatening, anti-immigrant set of immigration policies of our generation. We are experiencing a new moral low in our country and a complete about-face is necessary from Congress to protect American values and the people of our nation.